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The questionable disbursements to anonymous vendors, first reported by The Washington Post, were removed in subsequent filings. The FEC retains all reports submitted by campaigns – including the original filings. Multiple questions have swirled around Santos’ campaign filings, which have been littered with irregularities. But Santos’ pattern of $199.99 disbursements has drawn some of the most attention and incredulity. Santos has publicly sought to distance himself from his campaign’s disclosures to the Federal Election Commission. After Marks filed a raft of amendments last month that raised questions about the six-figure loans he said he made to his campaign, Santos insisted he had nothing to do with the filings.

But there’s also a paid membership option that comes with additional perks. Sarah Nolan, a 40-year-old divorced preschool teacher, is urged by her family to date. Showing her photos of potential men, Sarah is not interested in pursuing a relationship. Jake Anderson, another recent divorcé, is in a similar position; his friend Charlie wants to match him with Sherry.

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The script did have some nice touches, like Sarah, Jake and Sherry(Jake’s rather clueless girlfriend in the latter half of the film) talking about Dr Zhivago, but it is uneven on the most part. Sometimes it was frothy and underdeveloped, as well as over-familiar, but you can’t help smile when Cusack and Lane are lighting up the screen. The story was very nicely done, if a little predictable in terms of plotting, and a little devoid of humour. The direction was good, if rather amateurish in some scenes, but I have seen worse.

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Writer/director Gary David Goldberg (TV’s “Spin City,” “Battery Park”), adapting Claire Cook’s debut novel, is blessed with a terrific cast, but they can only do so much to save his film. “Must Love Dogs” is packed with situations that only exist to provide punchlines and actors talking about love without convincing that they’re in it. The film begins with a family ‘intervention,’ with Sarah at the receiving end of pictures, names and phone numbers of all sorts. This doesn’t stop Sarah from flirting outrageously with hunky dad Bobby (Dermot Mulroney, “The Wedding Date”), though.

I found John Cusack’s character to be particularly charming and I definitely would have given him chance after chance! The one thing I found a little questionable was John Cusack’s profession. Seemed a little odd and unbelievable that he could even make his rent/alimony payments if he wasn’t making any money with his boats. But maybe it goes without saying that he had another source of income? Overall, this movie was very uplifting and is sure to give those who are feeling down some much needed hope.

You can “dig” them, “really dig” them, or choose to “pass” on those that don’t pass muster. Not only that, but the app even provides you with great first date ideas and locations that are dog-friendly for your date. Wherever you are, the app will show you bars, parks restaurants, museums and more near you, where your pup can come along.

“We invite lots of dog businesses from a city to be part of our event, such as pet shops and pet lawyers and even a florist who makes flower collars for dogs, and of course local dog rescues,” says Leigh. Some events in New York and Boston attracted over 300 people and their dogs.” Users can look forward to more people to match with—and in more cities—in the following months with further events planned. This past winter saw events unleashed in San Francisco, Austin, and Portland, and Dig plans to party in Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, and Atlanta, and more this spring.

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You Must Love Dogs Dating initially started as a blog forum three years ago and gained a huge following. Since launching in June as an “official” dating website, it has amassed 2 million members. Many newcomers are taking advantage of the 30-day free trial period, with a small portion converting to a paid subscription. That’s right, the price of one movie ticket is all we need. If Movieguide® is useful to you, please take one minute to keep it online and growing. Laura and Robin’s reviews are also featured on Rotten Tomatoes, the Movie Review Query Engine, and the IMDB.

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The AKC offers different therapy dog titles based on how many visits you do with your dog. There are several requirements to earn these titles, but you’ll need to record your visits on a sheet provided by the AKC and get signatures from staff at the facility at which you’re volunteering. You can register your dog as both a therapy dog and as a service or emotional support animal, but the processes and requirements are very different.

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