Noor Zainab Rehabilitation Centre.

Noor Zainab is the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Lahore as well as a non- profit and non-political society for disable persons established in 2009 in Lahore, Pakistan. Now has grown into NGO, serving so many special children for their therapeutic treatment. Also started as a special education school for special children to provide them educational training as well as therapy sessions according to their need. Our motto is ‘’Every special child has a right to education’’ as we strongly believe education is not a privilege but basic right of every human.

Noor Zainab is the Best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore which provides a wide range of affordable educational and rehabilitative services to the children. Through various projects we provide early intervention services for special children from birth to pre-school age. Structured teaching, training and therapeutic services provided to school-age children with special needs and vocational training to adolescents and adults with special needs. We also provide community based rehabilitation programs to reach out to the population with special needs.

We understand the importance of communication in our daily routine but in special community there is lack of behaviour, attention, focus, visual or auditory skills. We are helping them by providing them therapy sessions to improve these skills so that they can be able to communicate into society with other persons.

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in Punjab.

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Management Team

Dr. Fouzia Saleemi


Ms. Asia Saleemi


Haris Arshad

Rehab Project Manager

Faraz Ahmed


Dr. Hira Nawaz

School Coordinator

Affaq Ahmad

Finance Officer

Niaz Ahmad


Haroon Mehar


Makhtoom Azhar

Digital Media Marketer

Ijaz Ahmad


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Social Person

Kamaran Bhatti

Social worker

Saba Daud

Social worker

Azeem Ahmad

Social worker

Fatima Alam

Social worker

Our vision is to bring a positive change in Pakistan by removing barriers that have created division of classes in our society.

But we’re not done yet. We need your.

Sponsors typically are members of senior management who carry a respectable level of influence and authority and serve as proponents of children well being.

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