Noor Zainab special education school is a project in which we are giving different kind of services for the especial need students. In this special education school we are dealing with special children who are mentally or physically disable (like Autistic, CP, ADHD, GDD, slow learners and who are having speech, learning and behavior problems). Our school staff members work like team and provide educational training as well as rehabilitative treatment according to the need of individual. Specific class is for specific disability and level in which special need children receive training according to their needs and level of disability. Each level of class having its own method and material of learning according to the need of student and each class is handed to qualified teacher who can fulfill all needs of the student in single class.
All students assess by three months testing system. This test system for each class conducted under supervision of principle and senior staff to assess the level and progress of student and after annual examination student promoted to next level for further training and learning. Our school added extra-curricular activities in school curriculum (like cooking class, painting class, music class and crafting) for learning of students. Different kinds of events (like color day, Independence day, defense day, Quaid day, disability day and CP day) are conducted for students. More over sports activities in our school consider very important for the grooming of students and we also celebrate annual sports day.

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