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Sponsor a Child


We need your support. You might choose to ‘adopt’ a student, fund one or more, cover the cost of anything that is need of a student, put your money into our general purpose fund so that we can use it where it is most needed at any particular time.

We’ll work with you to set up an agreement, so that you can be sure that we are using your money in the way that you have chosen.


Mentioned below is the breakdown of expenses we are facing.

Monthly Expenses/One Student:
  • Education – PKR 1000/-
  • Therapy Sessions – PKR 1500/-
  • Food – PKR 1000/-
  • Transportation – PKR 1500/-
  • Stationary – PKR 500/-
Yearly Expenses/One Student:
  • Uniform – PKR 1000/- (twice a year)
  • Syllabus – PKR 2000/- (once a year)

List of Beneficiaries